The aim of the CIM level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing is to give particpants the required knowledge, skills and understanding at management level to take a strategic approach to marketing planning. By understanding key marketing metrics and measurement techniques you will be able to interpret relevant insight and make informed strategic decisions. Itis aimed at marketers working in an operational, supervisory or management role, who wants to develop their marketing knowledge and skills across a range of areas.
By the end of the qualification participants wil be able to:

- Understand how to analyse an organisation’s current and future external  and internal environment  torecommend and inform strategic decision making

- Manage resources to deliver the strategic marketing plan & to monitor, measure and adapt the marketing plan for continuous improvement

- Understand the relationship between marketing and entrepreneurship, implement an entrepreneurial response to change and to delivering marketing solutions

- Understand the key factors that facilitate and nurture innovation in organisations  & apply principles of innovation throughout the marketing function

- Understand the role of internal marketing  &  implement marketing-led organisational change

- Understand the role &  significance  of marketing metrics  across a range of market contexts

- Apply marketing metrics to establish the effectiveness of marketing activities

- Make use of various analytical tools and techniques for marketing insight and strategic decision making

Intake: January, April, July October


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